Academic writing specialists

We know details matter

Our highly qualified writers and editors have extensive experience in:

  • BIO-MEDICAL SCIENCES – Psychology, Psychiatry, Diagnostics
  • General Practitioner medicine, Pharmaceutical, Social Sciences
  • ARTS: Visual, Theatre, Film, Literature
  • MEDIA: Television (ex BBC staff) PR, Marketing, Social Media

CLARITY – we check your copy thoroughly
CORRECT – we identify and rectify
COMMENTS – we ensure your content makes sense

Costs:  Proof reading:  fast, overall reviewing: punctuation errors, narrative                   £10 per 1,000 words*

Copy editing:  extended revision of grammar, structure, style, spacing, finding ambiguities, ensuring consistency, completion of intended narrative, plagiarism infringement check with suggested comments                                                                             £15 per thousand words*

*work given at least 48 hours in advance of requirement – faster turnaround by negotiation


We have arrived

Our innovative new service is open and ready for business. Reaching out to the students and writers of Middlesex and beyond our team is waiting to hear from you how we can help make your work that extra bit special and make it stand out for it’s clarity and beauty…

Hello world.

We love you!

PA&S team